Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wishlist. 50 shades of grey.

(Photos via Sheinside

I hope you are ready for upcoming colder days with  lots and lots of warm knits. Lately I have been obsessed with everything grey, so I'm sorry you have to put up with my madness. These are my top three picks for this winter season. There are never enough grey sweaters in my closet. Never. If I could, I'd order all three of them, but I can't seem to name the favourite. Which one would you choose ladies? 

From left to right: Sweater 1 | Sweater 2 | Sweater 3

Let me know,

Outfit post. Finlandia

(Wearing. Fur vest: Ebay Shirt: Zara Pants: H&M Shoes: Highland creek Bag: Mariposa)
(Photos. My lovely diva Senny) 

Well, well, I guess someone up there in the clouds has been reading my blog. Funny thing how I write about no snow anywhere in sight and then next week, first snowflakes start falling from the sky.  I hope it covers everything and makes me feel like I've walked into a heart of Finlandia like a fearless Valkyrie. Let's see what this night brings.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Instapost. Everyday essentials.

As January is taking it's final breaths, I can't help but reminisce about how I would make igloos out of snow at this time of year. You know, snow? That white, cold thing that comes with winter? No? I'm not complaining or anything, since I can wear ripped jeans and stilettos on a daily basis these days, but somehow this doesn't feel like winter. It feels like waiting for something that never comes. Wrapping yourself in warm clothes then taking them off because the false alarm. Ah well, I guess nothing will come out of skiing plans in Austrian winter wonderland. (Just as I decided to step on skis after 10 years of not getting anywhere near an icy slope. Perfect) Do you guys have snow? Because if you do, I might crash on your couch for a few joyful days. Haha, just kidding...let's go to the Bahamas.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Outfit post. Flip a coin and watch it go down into a wishing well.

(Wearing. Furry vest: E-bay Cardigan: H&M Bag: Bershka Shoes: Ecco)
(Photos. My lovely sister V.)

Things in life constantly lose colour and fade away. Streets in your charming home town slowly change into cold shades of grey,once sweet memories become puzzles of distant past and imagination gets stuck in a dark corner with no windows. Every time I feel like that, I know it's time to grab a paintbrush and start painting the town. World does turns into a big kaleidoscope when you see things in colour, so keep adding more dyes on your canvas. If you get stuck in one place and don't know how to continue, take a step back first. Sometimes it's distance that makes you see things clearer and sometimes, it's just a little bit of elevation. No great painting was created with a single stroke, so be sure you fill in the blank spots with little dots and from time to time, a big splash of colour when something really great happens. Until then, flip a coin and watch it go down into a wishing well every chance you get.


Monday, January 05, 2015

Instapost. First steps into the unknown.

We have officially stepped into this vast unknown land called "new year". It's a strangest feeling really, like we have been here before and we're experiencing a really intense deja vu. Fireworks are being replaced by tons of inspiration quotes exploding into the air and I can't help but wonder if people actually really believe this enlightenment is going to last more than a week. I confess, I'm not exactly gifted when it comes to putting my life plans in action, but I do love coming up with plans for some unknown reason. Maybe it's just human nature to daydream about possibilities, but somewhere between "new happiness" and "new chances" I decided I'm going to fight one battle at a time this year. Nothing to big - there is only so much you can do in one day. I used to dream about making big confident steps, but honestly, I walk around in my stilettos making light pitter patter sounds. One size does not fit all and high  heels are not made for aspiration marathons.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Random. Not all those who wander are lost.

Even though the universe decided to bless me with a nasty flu on my birthday, I'm glad how my friends and family still made it feel special, despite the fact I was hiding under 10 blankets with a high fever and a runny nose. Everything got even better today, as I woke up to this amazing winter wonderland just outside my window. They say you can't have everything you wish for, but sometimes pieces fall perfectly into place without wishing on shooting stars or blowing candles on your birthday cake. I wish you that next year brings more moments like this; to lighten up your days when the road ahead of you gets dark at some twisty turns. But remember, not all those who wander are lost. Every day can be an adventure if your heart is willing to accept all possibilities world has to offer. Take more risks, let yourself go, breathe, feel, believe. 

Happy new year,

Outfit idea. New year party look, pop the champagne!

(Picture elements via Polyvore)

With bold red colours taking over the Christmas spirited parties, I like to tone things down a bit, when it comes to planning new years outfits. I seem to seek my inspiration in sparkly fireworks, bubbly champagne and crystal chandeliers. The colours seem to fade a bit, into soft pastel shades that  reflect the peaceful winter wonderland outside. As a key piece I choose a flowy dress in soft pink colour with a tasteful revealing cleavage. I didn't go big on the jewellery, just some simple gold chandelier earrings to point some of the attention to the bare neck, which can be very feminine and seductive in many ways. However, as a contrast to this light colours, I added black shoes and black clutch, to emphasize the rest of the outfit, bringing the dress to spotlight.

With soft colours on your skin; let say white, beige or nude, you must be extra careful, because they tend to blend with your skin. Even though pale complexion still counts as very beautiful, apply some shimmery self-tanning lotion the evening before you wear the dress, to visually separate your skin from the wavy material. If you go for the nude coloured lips however, make sure you line your eyes with super black liquid eye-liner to create that light-dark balance, we're using for the rest of the outfit. Paint your nails black too; there is nothing more dramatic and since we're not trying to create an innocent girly look, it will do the trick. I wouldn't bother myself putting all my hair up into perfect high bun, but rather make a braid before going to sleep and then style those natural looking waves into a messy one on the side. The playful diversity we create with soft vs. dark hues is what makes this outfit so elegant and daring at the same time. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely my glass of champagne.

I hope you liked this styling and got some inspiring ideas for your own new years eve outfit. (For great choice of pink prom dresses check out:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Outfit Idea. New year party look, snow princess.

(Picture elements via Polyvore)

For all the girls loving the magical atmosphere in frozen animated movie, this is the outfit for you. I found my inspiration In soft blue tones and light green hues of icy kingdom ruled by a beautiful snow queen. Then again, this is the outfit I'd actually imagine ballerinas wearing, while gracefully dancing the waltz of the snowflakes in the Nutcracker ballet performance. I'm actually playing this beautiful song in my head as I keep on writing. It makes me want to put on my old ballet shoes and drift away to the magic castle on the mountain of sweets and meet the plum fairy. If you're not familiar with Tchaikovsky classical music, I beg you, do yourself a favour and listen to Nutcracker soundtrack right now. I can't describe how magical it is, because you have to hear it for yourself, but I do play it over and over again in the wintertime. It's the kind of music that brings tears to your eyes. Now back to where we left on, shall we?

Every single bit of this outfit was inspired by crystal snowflakes, icy landscapes and sparkling snow. I styled this blue embellished dress with earrings and stilettos, which remind me of magnificent icicles that hang from our frozen windows in wintertime. I tried to keep the colour palette of the entire outfit as simple as I could, using only shades of turquoise and blue. I wouldn't apply much make-up either, avoiding bold lip colours and black eye liners. I would highlight my eyes with shimmery eye shadow and use neutral coloured lip gloss to give extra shine to my lips. Of course I'd never forgive myself, if I wouldn't put my hair into a messy side braid, which I like to call »the Elsa braid« now. It almost makes me want to dye my locks lighter again. I have never seen anything more fabulous than her throwing those blond hair over one shoulder singing »the cold never bothered me anyway.«

I hope you liked this styling and got some inspiring ideas for your own new years eve outfit. (For great choice of pink prom dresses check out:

Friday, December 19, 2014

Random. That great Gatsby glam.

December is a month for glamorous parties full of glitter and pearls, so for a girl like me this is something to be super excited about. I am proud to announce that one of our nightclubs decided to collaborate with me on their upcoming fashionista events they're hosting. This evening is the opening night, full of great gatsby glam and fancy drinks. So if you're up for a fabulous party tonight, come join me in Cirkus club in the heart of Ljubljana. I hope you like my fashionista look, for tonight's party, because I'm super crazy about this dress.

Veseli December je mesec svetlikajočih zabav, veličastnih ognjemetov ter nazdravljanja s penečim šapanjcem. Sama se tega zimskega obdobja veselim že več tednov vnaprej, zato sem bila navdušena, ko so me iz kluba Cirkus, povabili h sodelovanju pri fashionista zabavah, ki se bodo odvijale vsak tretji petek v mesecu. To noč se tako uradno odpre sezona polna "great gatsby glamurja" ter okusnih koktejlov, ki ne bo razočarala nobene "fashionista žurerkice". Upam, da vam je všeč moj "fashionista look" za nocoj, ker jaz sem totalno zaljubljena v mojo novo oblekico!

Fashionista; Cirkus, 19.12.2014 @ 11pm, Uradno stran eventa najdete tukaj.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Outfit post. Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?

(Wearing. Fur vest: Ebay Sweater: H&M Skirt: Sheinside Heels: Asos Necklace: Sammydress)
(Photos. TZ Photography)

I have always loved the winter days in our little city; little wooden cabins by the river where you can get hot mulled wine and sparkly lights on the rooftops that make even the coldest night magical...and yet I don't feel that warm happiness surrounding everything. Maybe it's because of this whole damn year...maybe it got the best of me at last. As I lay awake at night, I dream about waltzing on the snowy streets, some place far away from here. I feel like my true colours have faded away to this grey shade I don't recognize. I've given so much in return for so little and it's not what anybody deserves. Still I cling to that little bit of strength that prevents me to shatter into little pieces, because nobody will be there to pick them up. You have to be your own hero.